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Auto Re-order level ZERO

Hi Guys

We have some items which need to be reordered automatically. The reorder quantity has to be just same as the demand quantity, not more(demand = existing material issue requests). For this purpose I need to set the reorder level = 0 but unfortunately when I put zero in this field system shows following error:


Would you please help me to find a solution for my problem?


Hi guys

Any help please? :pray:

Re-order Level is a mandatory field in the Item Reorder doctype.


Have you customized Item Reorder doctype?


Thanks for your attention.

No, not customized yet. Do you mean that I have to customize it in order to make it accept value zero?



No need to Customization. It’s a standard doctype.

Please ensure that the field (Re-Order Level) existance at the Item Reorder doctype.