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Auto Attendance issue

I am doing a manual employee checkin for login and logout type since we do not have a biometrics. This means that every day I create 2 employee checkin. Unfortunately, the auto attendance creation is not working.

Shift types enabled auto attendance been modified, default shift types per employee record is also set and 2 employee checkin are created.

How can I create an attendance everyday?

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For clues and pointers note this report

Yup I saw that discussion. But it did not work on me eventhough I have the following:

  1. Shift type assigning to the employee record
  2. Enabled auto attendance function to the shift type
  3. Created employee checkins

Employee checkin will not work automatically, you have to integrate biometric machine for that. Even if follow the below steps it will not help.


Yes now others can find it too - the idea is to share!

@Reema_Mehta but we do not have any biometrics device to integrate. Are there any way to bypass the integration of the biometrics to make the auto attendance work?

It will work manually also. No need for biometric integration. Check the value in last_sync_of_checkin field. That might be the culprit. Refer the below link.

Hi @kartik the last_sync_of_checkin field worked. But for example I set it March 18, does this mean that employee checkin for March 19 and onwards will not be sync again?

Also, some employee go to work early and make an employee checkin once they arrived at the office but we want that the early entry time will not be counted as their shift (for payroll purposes). So what we did is to make the begin checkin before start time in zero and the allow check-out shift end time in zero.

However if we did this the employee cannot checkin early/late or checkout early/late. The system only consider an exact shift time and not early or late.

What can I do to let the system submits the early or late employee checkin but also just record the shift time only for the payroll.

@ponyooooo, The discussing below should help you in getting clarity about the last_sync_of_checkin field.

Also, for some reason, I am not able to understand your issue with the payroll… As far as i know checking in early or checking out late does not affect payroll… can you please elaborate with an example on the issue you are facing here.


  1. If you set it to March 18, it will mark attendance for before March 18. You’ll have to manually update it. It is not updated automatically right now.
  2. This is how the system is designed. If you want to enable early checkin, you’ll have allow early checkin otherwise it marks absent. The system doesn’t use employee checkin’s for payroll out of the box.
    You could take a look at timesheets for payroll or explore customisations to consider linking checkins to payroll.

Hi All,
Maybe not relevant but as a discussion group is worth trying to understand the different points of views and applicability of Attendance.
We had cases like the ones on the discussion and my question to customers is always “Do you need to mark present everyday or you need to mark Absents” also you only need Auto Attendance if you are counting the hours each employee had on the day.

Hi Kartik, your suggestion was very helpful. Thank you so much. However, do you have a custom script or any script I can use to have the value in last_sync_of_checkin field be automatically select the date today? It was tedious to do it everyday. Sorry I am not a programmer and i tried searching for it but only saw scripts for biometrics.

I hope for your help again. Thank you.

@kartik how to Allow check-out after shift end time in shift type…i automated Biometric system but it showing both the time as check in type when employee punches on the system.