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Attachments - internal or external?

Continuing the discussion from Migrate attached files from ERPNext Server to external storage (like s3 i.e.):

is there any rule of thumb about whether attachments are ‘better off’ being stored internally on the ERPNext server or with an external filestorage solution (like s3) and only using links to that files inside ERPNext?

in a current case I am handling all financial transactions should have digital copies (jpg, png, pdf, html, txt) of the related documents (invoices, remittance advices, etc.) attached and I am wondering which road to take.

In case migration of local attachments to en external service was simple and possible in bulk (as per the linked topic) you’d probably start locally, but if such a migration is a manual 1by1 process you’d probably make up your mind on this rather sooner then later


Im facing the same situation, what solution ends working best for you?

Hi @vrms

I’m actually interested in this as well… especially if you took the external route. I’d like to know how that’s working for you so far