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Apply Tax Withholding Amount in Purchase invoice is showing disabled when a Purchase invoice is created from a Purchase Order

I am facing an issue related to Apply Tax Withholding Amount in Purchase Invoice

This option appears disabled & this occurs when a Purchase Invoice is created from a Purchase Order. However if I create a Purchase Invoice directly - there is no issues, the withholding tax gets applied correctly.

I have ensured that the supplier has been selected with the correct Tax Withholding Category etc.


Appreciate a solution to fix the issue

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I got the exact problem. Purchase Invoices created from PO are showing greyed out Apply Tax Withholding Amount

@hmd - It works if you create a Purchase Invoice from Purchase Receipt.

So for Tax Withholding to work the order is Purchase Order --> Purchase Receipt --> Purchase Invoice.

Directly from PO to PI the Tax Withholding doesn’t work.

Took a while to figure this out.

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