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[App] ERPNext Full-Size View for all (e.g. Reports, Gant Charts, etc)



Not that I’m aware of


Hello @joelios
Thanks a lot for you.
Using this application, I will need for each page to select full view or once I select it then it will be full view for other pages until I select again the normal view (small one)?
Because it will be not practical if to keep select full view for each page in wide computer screens.


Where did you put the code to generate the Metabase signed embedded URL? All I get is a “Page Missing or Moved” error when I paste in the iframe code.

This is the part of the Metabase code I am trying to figure out where to implement:

import jwt
METABASE_SECRET_KEY = “587498jdm5u08u5d90485uc0234u5045ucn034u5n304-95c73405n340”
payload = {
“resource”: {“dashboard”: 1},
“params”: {
token = jwt.encode(payload, METABASE_SECRET_KEY, algorithm=“HS256”)
iframeUrl = METABASE_SITE_URL + “/embed/dashboard/” + token.decode(“utf8”) + “#theme=night&bordered=true&titled=true”


Hi, are you still maintain this fabulous app?