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Anyway to override the current page-length of 50 rows in ChildTables

Is there any way I could customize the page length of frappe GridTables?

I know the price (in terms of performance) I have to pay to show more than 100+ tables but it’s worth it for our implementation, I would love to completely disable pagination or just increase the limit to 500 or more.

I’m looking for this too.

Although the paginated view is good for page loading, problems arise when an existing row needs to be edited. There is no quick way for the user to search for/go to a particular row to edit it. In some cases we have over 20 “pages” which need to be manually searched to get to the row we are looking for where previously we could just use Ctrl/Cmd + F to look for it.


Frappe team, please look into it :pleading_face:

From my naive understanding, this file is what you are looking for: