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Any Indian pharmacy using ERPNext POS?

I am trying to setup pharmacy attached to a hospital in ERPNext. I find there is no batch based pricing feature. Has anyone in India uses ERPNext for pharmacy setup. Request your inputs.

Can you provide a little bit more detail about batch based pricing ?

The medicines are produced in batches which bear numbers. These batch based productions are supposed to be of same quality and features like expiry dates, contents etc. So same medicine produced in different batches can have different prices. This is what I mean by batch based pricing.

In ERPNext we can have item prices based on price lists. But in a pharmacy the same item with different batch number can have different prices.

Wouldn’t that be a product variant then?

No. Batch and Serial No. are handled separately in ERPNext, Check the docs.

That one most probably need a custom script. If you can create a Price field in the Batch doctype , one can develop a custom script for the Delivery Note.

Did you examine these also

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Maybe you can build on our app that has auto batch. Fork it and try. Works on V11 only. If successful please give back to community.

I will have to port it to v13 first because I am proposing ERP Helathcare to a hospital attached with pharmacy. ERP Healthcare in v13 has been recommended by the maintainers here.

I will try to work on it and let the community know.

If it’s V13 you will use then I suggest you don’t spend time on it as the POS is getting totally refactored in V13
However it’s your call.

Yes I know and I have been following it closely. But unfortunately it is taking longer than expected to get merged. The current POS in beta releases seems to be far away from being used in production environment. I am thinking of negotiating for a delayed integration of pharmacy module. Let’s see.

We usually wait for release 2 for new versions. I don’t recommend v13 before v13.2 came. But, I would test it if I need to.