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[Announcement] Version Specific Documentation

Till now we have had just one version of ERPNext documentation. This leads to a few issues as highlighted by @rmeyer in the GitHub issue here.

To address these issues, we will have multiple versions of the documentation. Each documentation page will have a version switcher as shown below.

Version specific documentation is now live on

I, @prasadr, and @ambareen have been working on v13 screenshots and few modules have already been updated. All the remaining module screenshots will be updated by 30-June-2021.

Will shortly update the guidelines for sending PRs.


thank you much appreciated :star_struck:

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This is great news. Well done! Maybe it would also be good to add a way for a user to rate each documentation page so it is easier to prioritize which pages should be updated. For example, Microsoft has a “Is this page helpful” button.

Example: Use Insights - Workplace Intelligence | Microsoft Docs



Desk Page which is @
is still same in Version 13 documents.
Setting of Desk page is done through Workspace which is not documented in Version 13.
This needs to be updated in new documents.

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