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[Announcement] Shopify Integration updates

Hello ERPNext community :wave:

This is a rather late announcement, but I thought it was important to share.

We are deprecating Shopify integration in ERPNext and from next major version(v14) it will be removed from ERPNext.

This integration is now moved to a separate app called “Ecommerce Integrations”.

All previous functionality exists, along with few new features:

  • Item catalogue sync (2-way, ERPNext->Shopify or Shopify->ERPNext(only at time of order sync)
  • Auto match item_code with SKU if possible (to avoid duplication)
  • Inventory sync (from ERPNext to Shopify)
  • Order cancellation - if unfullfilled/billed orders get cancelled, they’ll be auto cancelled. Billed/Fulfilled orders just change status and leave the action up to user.
  • Latest API versions and using official Shopify SDK instead of requests

Reference links:

If you’re wondering about other integrations, then yes, they’ll follow suit soon enough. :wink:

I’ve captured some known feature requests in issue tracker: I’ll be working on them as I churn through my backlog, but if anyone wants to contribute, I’ll be more than happy to review and get it merged. :slight_smile: