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[Announcement] Frappe Cloud Marketplace

Announcing Frappe Cloud Marketplace

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Frappe Cloud Marketplace. Starting today, you will be able to activate a publisher account from your Frappe Cloud dashboard and start publishing your apps to the marketplace. Apps published on the marketplace will be visible on our marketplace page and users will be able to install it on their sites.

How do I publish my app?

You can find the complete guide to creating, publishing and managing your apps on the marketplace documentation.

There is more coming your way

But this is just the beginning, we have a lot more in store for you:

  • Paid Apps: Get paid for the apps you publish, either one time or recurring.
  • App Support: Provide paid support to the users of your app.
  • and more…

We will soon announce a webinar for app developers on how you can bring your Frappe apps to the marketplace. Watch this space for more!

We can’t wait to see the awesome apps you bring to the Frappe Cloud marketplace!

Frappe Cloud Team


Is this available for frappe cloud customers only?

Amazing! Already excited to see many new great apps in the future (hopefully mostly open source so people can build on them, improve them and bring the community forward).



No, anyone with a Frappe Cloud account (which is free btw!) can publish apps.

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@nagariahussain Hello. Thanks for your quick response. The part of publishing apps is clear. However, my question is about the marketplace itself. Will it be open to the entire ERPNext community to add to their self-hosted/self-deployed instances so they can download/install the custom apps or only Frappe Cloud customers can access apps published in the Marketplace?

The marketplace is primarily for FrappeCloud users. But there’s also links to GitHub repos from where non-FC users should be able to deploy the apps on their own instances as well.


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Great news!

I have a question: How do you ensure that there are no conflicts between apps? Is this the responsibility of the user?

Scenario: A FC user installs 2 apps that have no dependency on each other. Both apps customize the same field of a core doc type and keep this customization via “Export Customization”.
What will happen?


So nice !

In hope that it will provide developers and integrator materials to promote ERPNext.
Hopefully it will not slow the core developement of ERPNExt.

Will it be possible to add a App category “Accounting” ?


Can you help me please to move the ownership of my apps (POS Awesome & Telegram) to my account ?

Thanks in advance

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Yes, you can set a category and many other things from the app dashboard after you add your app.

Hi! Sure, DMed you on telegram!

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I feel the same. Any official answer to this common scenario? Thank you

Sure but there is a missing category for me : Accounting

too bad the frappe wiki app doesn’t work with v13

During the Q&A slot at today’s ERPNextConference, @rmehta and @AdityaHase addressed my former question: Currently there is no solution for conflicts. In addition to the problem I described in the context of conflicting customizations, it was also discussed that there are for example also conflicts due to DocTypes with identical names.