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[Announcement] ERPNext Version 10 will be released on 25th December 2017

Awsome news!, congratulations to ERPNext Team and Contributors. …We’re integrating the XML files from Mexican electronic invoices and the procedure to get the certificates for issuing invoices according to govmnt regulations. Hope we can share it soon :slight_smile:


I simply cannot wait!!! amazing!

To deliver a bug-free release, almost the entire Frappe and Foundation team has devoted their full time in the last week, in testing and fixing version 10 changes. We have fixed around 50 github issues which includes bugs and usability improvements. Thanks to the entire team.

But still there are some issues pending to fix and we feel another round of testing will help a lot to deliver a bug-free and stable release.

That’s why, we have decided to postpone the release to 20th December 2017.

I request everyone to test the v10 features and report the bugs in the github. To test the features you can setup a local develop environment or use account.


We couldn’t found education module in beta demo. How we can enable it?
And thanks for such a nice ERP system.

@nabinhait I appreciate that you can’t allow people to do just anything with the beta site, ie send emails with it as folk could send spam through it. But at the moment you cannot even create new Items so it makes it difficult some of the new functionality. There are no existing Items so you cannot create a Quotation or Sales order and Save them as an item must be included to be able to save them.

Likewise settings with Domains can’t be tested as Setup isn’t available either (which is understandable)

No email testing with the Email Inbox can be done at all. Could you have some existing emails with fake accounts to allow people happy to test and report bugs in v10 to do this? I’m only running a production instance so don’t have a develop setup to test with but I’m happy to test and report bugs if I find any :wink:

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Sorry to inform that we have decided to postpone the release for one more time. Next release date (tentative?) will be 25th December 2017.

While doing testing during last 7 days, we have found many issues and missing parts related to GL Entry splitting logic based on Payment Terms. We realised that, the things get so much complicated unnecessarily due to the splitting. Hence, we gave a rethought on this and decided to revert the splitting logic. And we need some more time for that.


Better to release a working software late. well done guys!


MakING it a Xmas gift


Good work guys!

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Agree with you.

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2018 will be tough for GCC Area and we bet extremely on this release, great job ERPnext team

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Waiting for the release of ERPNext 10 today inshaALLAH!

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Me Too

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Is this still happening?

Version 10 has been released !!! :tada: :evergreen_tree: :snowflake:


Thanks for the Christmas gift :tada: :evergreen_tree: :snowflake: :sweat_smile:

Merry Christmas!!!

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Thanks for version 10. I am yet to upgrade and test it. I just wanted to find out if there is feedback on the project to fetch bank transactions and allocate them in ERPNext to various customers/suppliers/GL accounts. Do you have a time line when this feature will be available?

Welcome to ERPNext Danny_Kapasa,

My search on ‘bank transactions’ found Pawan’s helpful link in particular:

BIG GAP: Customer statements and bank transactions

Open-source is all about user driven initiatives!

Why not collaborate with users share your need like these here Bank Reconcillation through onine sync with Bank Account

and together sponsor a bounty

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Hi Danny,
+1 on the idea of fetching Bank Transactions. It is a standard feature in Quickbooks and Xero, but tough to implement. We are looking at a solution that uses, but the pricing starts at US$500/month. They say that they do 95%+ of US banks and the top 5 Canadian banks. But that is still a steep price.

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Hi Michael,

Thanks. Yes that price is steep. I don’t know why it has taken this long for Erpnext to actually come up with something. This is Critical for most accounting packages.

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