An error occurred while installing erpnext

When i try to install erpNext , error occurred.
I’m using VPC Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS) x64

bench --site a.w install-app erpnext

    Installing erpnext...
    Updating DocTypes for erpnext       : [                                        ] 0%An error occurred while installing erpnext:
    Module import failed for Exchange Rate Revaluation (erpnext.accounts.doctype.exchange_rate_revaluation.exchange_rate_revaluation Error: cannot import name 'clear_cache' from '' (/home/roman/frappe-bench/apps/frappe/frappe/website/

I found the solution

I was running erpnext as erpnext 13.x.x-develop
I checked that by bench version inside frappe folder
roman@Andyyy:~/frappe-bench$ bench version
erpnext 13.x.x-develop
frappe 13.16.0

  • Remove erpnext by
    bench remove-app erpnext

  • Install erpnext by
    bench get-app --branch version-13

my mistake was installing erpnext like this :
bench get-app erpnext
by this installation the error occurred .

  • after that i reinstall my site
    bench --site site.local reinstall
  • install erpnext normally
    bench --site a.w install-app erpnext
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Thank you. It Worked for me