Allow employee to see another employee

I am having hard time dealing with permissions. The real problem is letting a manager to see, approve leaves and evaluate his/her subordinates.

An employee reporting to a manager but it does not allow the manager to access any information about the employee.

I shared the profile of the employee then the manager is able to see the profile. But this is not what I am after.
If Employee is permitted is selected manager again not able to see his subordinates.

How can I link the employee to the manager?

Note: :frowning: followed the manuals already

Is manager profile has HR Manager role ?

Managers do not have any HR related permissions.

Employee A is an employee
Employee B is an employee and leave manager

employee A sends a leave request and employee B does not able to see the requests.

I allow leave approver position to see the leaves regardless but all leave requests pops out like it is requested from the employee B.

Employee B should see only employee A’s requests.

Assign each employee and his manager to a separate department and use department wise permissions. Does that help ?

An interesting solution neilLasrado. I will clone the live server and check it. On the live server, I do not think managers and above will accept seeing their employees in different departments.

I guess the default setting encourages HR user (also hr manager) to distribute the leave applications to the appropriate persons. (However, appropriate leave approver has be selected by the employee by the way in the application process so the chosen approver should be the owner of the application in default)

I guess I need to put HR in the end instead of at the beggining.