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Allocated leave Expiry

I’m allocating new leave balances.

Created leave type and checked is_carry_forward. Then I did leave allocation from 1 January to 27 July of 10 days.

When I run leave balance report all leaves expire on 27th July. One day at a time from 19th July until 27th.

E.g on 19 July it is as follows:

on 20th July:

21st July:

and so on until all gone.

I need them not to expire and be carried over to the next period. I’ve enabled isCarryForward.

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This is a very frustrating error, I’m really stuck.

Tried everything

I am facing the same thing , i want to know how are the expired leaves calculated ?

We are on ERPNext 13.11.1 and this still occurs.

I presume it is calculated in function get_leave_balance_on() in
frappe-bench/apps/erpnext/erpnext/hr/doctype/leave_application/, but it’s not easy to understand.

I just didn’t bother and ignore the Expired Leave. It’s just sad that “Leave Balance Before Application” in “Leave Application” is filled with “Total Allocated Leave - Expired Leave - …”.

You can customize your Form View to hide the confusing field.