After migration from v.13 to v.14 cannot open Projects

After a migration from v.13 to v.14, when I click on any project in the Project List, it does not direct me to the Project itself. The screen stays on the Project List. Any ideas?

The issue was that the project numbers in v13 included the character “/”. Even though it worked in v13, somehow the url leading to the document did not work anymore in v14. So, I tried replacing the character with the URLEncoded version that is “%2F” and was able to reach the document and rename it.
I will try by switching back to the “/” character in v14 and see if it works. Otherwise, this should be addressed or controlled at runtime.

This should be fixed with Release v14.14.2 · frappe/frappe · GitHub there was a regression in the version prior to that which caused / to not work in names