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Adminstrator changes

The previous administrator left and now noone can make changes to ERP. How do we reset the administrator? We don’t have access to his log in. Thanks

You can reset the administrator password if you have backend access.
bench --site sitename set-admin-password password


Please explain more. I had the guy who we thought was the administrator try to make the change I need and he doesn’t even have the same screen as I do to make the change. Right now we are at a stand still. Please help!

you have to ssh into your instance and go to the frappe-bench directory to run this command.

I am not a computer program, nor is anyone else at my company. This doesn’t help. Can you explain more and give better details on how to change the administrator, please.

Are you running ERPnext on your own server?

do you have any kind of credentials? IP address?

“you have to ssh into your instance and go to the frappe-bench directory to run this command”
if you cant work with that, I would recommend getting professional support…

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Just a curiosity, can you login using other users and use ERPNext normally?

You don’t need to be a programmer.
However, you cannot change the Administrator password using a web browser.

You must “connect/login” to the ERPNext server. This is typically done through a terminal, using ssh. Here’s a quick link about that:

If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, then as @moe01325 suggested, you should hire an IT contractor to do this. They will not need prior ERPNext experience. Just a little SSH and Linux know-how.