Adding menu in Standard Accounts DocType

@anand I am now in the process in creating the cash flow. How can I add a menu reports in the account doctype without the desktop menu? would I still create the

Create config/

See erpnext’s config/

I think you should put cash flow statement directly into ERPNext instead of a separate app and send a pull request :grinning:

@anand Thanks. Nice suggestion but I have a production server to test first the report. If I will follow your suggestion I have to detach first production server to main erpnext git and point it to my fork to test the report. Is my logic correct? :slight_smile:

You can Use a clone of production database to test the report.

Or use your branch on production for final testing by users

@anand ok I will try your suggestion. I am still familiarizing erpnext/erpnext/accounts/report/ my python is still rusty hehehe :smile:

@ccfiel awesome!