Adding Contacts to Projects?

Hi there,

I tried your online demoserver.

It seems that ERPNext matches all my requirements, it’s a very nice product.

I discovered some issues: When it comes to project management I have wondered why I couldn’t add contacts to a project. There was just the possibility to add one customer.

In my business sometime projects are managed for multiple customers. And if a project is managed there are multiple contacts to involve, that aren’t customers: sometimes partners, subcontractors, third parties like agencies or other necessary institutions. That’s why these contacts can’t be linked to customers.

It would be helpful to have an unique, program generated project ID (see Dolibarr).

Did I miss something ?



Have a look here…Copy a custom field data into another document

I’m not sure if and how this answers my question(s) …

… do you want to tell me, that ERPNext doesn’t support adding/connecting contacts to/with projects ?
… or do you want to tell me, how to create unique projects ids ?

Since I’m new to ERPNext I have no idea what the discussion you linked is about … for me it seems like adding some functionality to the program code ? But … I’m an interested in ERPNext as enduser, not interested in programming missing functionality by myself.

If there is no possibility adding contacts to projects without modifying code ERPNext is unfortunately not the right tool for my business … (but for which business at all - where can you manage projects just at your own ?)

You can easily create custom fields, no programming skills needed…Contacts are linked to customers…