Adding a Javascript in a Child Table

Good Day!! I’ve created a child table and wants to add functionality using javascript and notice like to main table when creating a doctype of the child table it has no JS file so I’ve create a javascript file and follow the Tutorial on how to create an App but sadly It is not working, is there a way to fix or proper documentation on frappe development


@sam_salvador can’t help unless you share what you have done


Its better if you share your objectives and code.

Anyways, you can put custom script for child table in parent form.

Hi @rmehta,

Right now i’ve found a way to code a javascript in the Child Table, and my objective is this we created a New app Logistics and in that app there’s a seperate Sales Order, and in every sales order user can add a Trip ticket number/s which is the child table and when a user select a Trip Ticket Number an event will triggered that will populate the fields Details which is in a html field type but right now It takes two/three selection in to the populate said fields here is my sample pics

Here is my Code in JavaScript

erpnext.taxes_and_totals = erpnext.stock.StockController.extend({
_calculate_taxes_and_totals: function() {
get_routes: function() {
if (this.frm.doc[“items”][this.frm.doc[“items”].length-1].trip_ticket){
item = this.frm.doc[“items”][this.frm.doc[“items”].length-1]
method: “logistics.logistics.doctype.logistics_sales_order.logistics_sales_order.get_destination”,
args: {
“trip_ticket”: item.trip_ticket
callback: function(r, rt) {
if(r.message) {
item.details = r.message;