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Add Supplier ''link'' to a Form


This doesn’t work. it may show as a column somewhere but it doesn’t get the supplier…

Probably Supplier don’t work as an option… Where can I get these options… Easily




I mean is there some documentation, a chart that can tell us the paths and options for different fields we want to include in a form?



What is happening in the form ? And what do you actually wish this to behave ?


It doesn’t show anything in the column…

What is the option I should write in order to get the Default supplier (or any actually) showing up?



This isn’t serious, half the documentation links are dead. Where is Erp Next documentation… Where can I find which option does what.

Also… when I customize the Print form :

I can check the option I added… But then when I try to see the final document, the column doesn’t even show up

So either I’m doing something dumb, or there’s missing documentation somewhere.




List of VALID options for Custom Forms

Do one thing - exclude Qty consumed per unit and let Wazzo stay. I think this is the limit on the number of columns coming into play


As far as i can think about your error , i guess your clicking the save button before updating the invoice pattern , as limited number of column is not an issue.


Thanks for answers, unfortunately, I even tried to disable all the fields (but ITEM and Wazzo) in this menu and it still doesnt show up, only Item is shown. I guess the problem is deeper. Maybe originates from the Customized Form from which this ‘‘custom test field’’ was created. Which points to the main issue here, I can’t find what to use in order to get the default supplier NAME in the custom exploded bom item fields.
Here is how it looks like:

is it wrong?




Here… The closer I can get… At least there’s a column but nothing shown in it


For a custom Link to Item Supplier you need to select a Value for item Supplier Before printing .Select a option that needs to be printed from the specified link(ie.Item Supplier list)