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Add leave on existing leave allocation

Hi i have a question is it possible to add leaves on existing leave allocation or create a new allocation on that particular period.
When i tries to add it normally on leave allocation it return me this error.

is there any way to add the leaves for ex:- Annual Leave


Yes, you can allocate same type of leave to an employee if it has been already allocated for that particular leave period. You can allocate same type of leave outside that leave period or you can allocate different type of leave in the same leave period.

To fix your issue, i.e. to allocate same type of leave in the same leave period, you will have to Cancel > Amend the existing Leave allocation of that Leave Type and then add more leaves and submit it.

Hope this helps.

Hi Thank you for your response.

But i cannot amend/cancel the leave allocation since it was linked with other leave application. the thing is we want to allocate more leaves on that period on that that allocation.

As per this, I don’t think allocating leave of the same leave type in the same leave period is possible. Maybe, you can create a different leave type called “Additional Annual Leaves” and then allocate the same to the employee?

cause there will be some occasions that we need to add the leave if we create a multiple leave type every time we need to allocate leaves to the employee there will be a lot of leave type created.
Hmm is there maybe any other way?

It is best to have a Leave Policy created for a Leave Period and allocate the same. In cases where you need to allocate additional leaves every time for a particular leave type, you can set allow negative balance for such leave types. However, if that is not feasible, you can create a feature request here for the same:

However, for now, adding new leaves of the same leave type for the same leave period is not allowed.