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Add Label Printer options in print_layout html file


Hi All,

I created custom doctype called Label Printer and i made two Label Printers: 1.Citizen and 2. Zebra.
In print_layout.html, how can we add Label Printer doc options(1.Citizen and 2. Zebra) and is possible to get items details of any doc(Purchase Invoice/Purchase Receipt) when selection of Citizen/Zebra printer?
Right now I added manually in print_layout.html file. Please find in attached one.
Any suggestions?



it is quite difficult i think but i suggest you to add select field and custom button on your Purchase invoice and purchase reciept and then on the basis of selection field you add render your custom template in pdf format


Thanks @AkshayJadhao


@ragh The print node Integration I’m maintainer can do what you want