Add desktop icon to link my custom html page

try as same as Leaderboard page, below is the code and change according to your requirement.

“module_name”: “Leaderboard”,
“color”: “#589494”,
“icon”: “octicon octicon-graph”,
“type”: “page”,
“link”: “leaderboard”,
“label”: _(“Leaderboard”)

Without changing core , is it possible to Add desktop icon to link my custom html page.
I try to add my page but icon not show.
“module_name”: “Prihoda”,
“color”: “grey”,
“icon”: “octicon octicon-file-directory”,
“type”: “page”,
“link”: “/partner-sales”
“label”: _(“Agreement”)

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I tried adding an icon through link to my custom doctype from desktop. But I did it through erpnext app. If I add it in my custom app/ it doesn’t show up. Why is that? Any idea?

Did you solve?

Yes it works now. This is my code inside

from future import unicode_literals
from frappe import _

def get_data():
return [
“module_name”: “[your module]”,
“color”: “grey”,
“category”: ‘Modules’,
“icon”: “octicon octicon-file-directory”,
“type”: “link”,
“link”: “List/Customer%20Data/List”,
“label”: _(“First U”)