Add base Sales Price Wizard or Calculator

Hi All,

How to make sales prizing wizard in ErpNext, this wizard will help calculate and enter the wanted price base on certain markup component such as:

  • product / service purchase cost (landed cost)
  • promotion / campaign / marketing allowance
  • License / royalty
  • commission (for example in a consignment system)
  • profit margin

The markup item and mark up percentage can be created by user
The user can select whether to apply or not apply a mark up item during item entry
the wizard then calculate sales price based on the item selected to be applied
The wizard can offer rounded number based on rounding option selected by user
The final number or amount entered to the field when user hit "use price’ button
the id of mark up item applied to the price then saved in the item record for certain reporting such as to get total amount of marketing cost reserved (collected from sold item) to be compared into actual marketing expenses in a period of time.

if it is simple enough, may be worth to add this feature in the sales module or item module.

bun hin

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Did you check Pricing Rule?

Hi rmetha,

yes i do check pricing rule, but it serve a different purpose i believe.