Actual Labor Cost - Manufacturing

Hello -

Prospective customer + part time developer here. We are a custom job shop - providing finished goods that are 100% custom per item/project with custom BOMs.

I’m looking to track gross margin and our direct costs - obviously, that seems very easy from a material standpoint when configured in the BOM. From a labor perspective, I’m looking at using Operations within the BOM. Unfortunately, it looks like I can just track a general “cost” per employee/activity type.

Is there not a way to track actual/real labor costs per employee per BOM? For instance, my 30 employees vary widely in their hourly pay - so if I have 2 employees where employee A makes $15/hour and employee B makes $30/hour then my direct labor costs for production of a specific item are going to vary based on if employee A is spending more time on the project or employee B.

Ideally, this actual cost would include a combination of hourly pay, payroll taxes, and other company contributions (401k, healthcare, etc…).

Does this “actual cost” exist anywhere within the system? This is the last component keeping me from pulling the final trigger on ERPNext. Really appreciate any suggestions!!

Job cards look promising - but they seem to only pull in the hourly cost rate that’s associated with the operation (and not the actual cost of the specific employee that’s performing the work). Any workarounds there?