"Activity Costs" too detailed

On our first real world use of erpnext, we attempted to create an invoice based on time logs/ time log batch, and ran into a bit of a concern. None of the Billable time logs were accumulating billable amounts. Of course this was dependent on “Activity Costs”, however upon trying to establish costs for activities, we realized that it’s too in depth for our needs, without a more general layer of costing.

Ideally, we would have a flat rate for labour, non conditional to employee or activity type. Is there anyway to set a default rate for all activities and employees?


@superlack At the moment there isn’t a way to set a default rate. can you please raise a feature request for this ?
Just create a new Issue at https://github.com/frappe/erpnext/issues we will give it a thought and implement it.

Thank you, just submitted. Everything is very well thought out in the system, however for an outfit that generates half of it’s income from labour, it’s another forgettable or dangerous few steps for billing that usually isnt employee dependent.



I’m new to erpnext, and was looking for some assistance understanding the project billing process.

Do you have procedure for billing labour and materials?

Or notes on how to apply Activity Costs?



I have subsequently found this resource that begins to explain ABC but there is room for more stages to the process.


@tray i hope the kb explains the process in detail. Let us know in case you have any queries.


I am still having problems. I can create a task and add time (labour) to the task. How can I add costs (Purchased parts) to the task. And then bill a customer based on the costs incurred on the task (eg Labour Cost + Purchased Parts)


@tray I would suggest you create a Sales Order for your work. You can then Create a Project against the Sales Order. Mention the Task in the Project. Make Time Logs against the task/project. You can also make expense claims against the task/project. If you have multiple Time Logs make a Time Log Batch and Create a Sales Invoice against it. You can Bill the Parts from the Sales Order.

let me know if you have any querries


I’ve been trying various combinations.

When I create a sales order, I am required to specify an item.

What would I specify as the Item?
Do I need to create the project item first?