Accounts reports for tally users - especially CAs

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I have a question related to Accounts module - mostly SMEs use tally software in their companies mostly because they can export tally reports and share those as it is with their CAs. But the common question pops in is Accounts module is good to use - but how about sharing these reports with CA counterparts who are still using tally ?

Anyone tried this?

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In ERPNext you can go one up, create a user for the Auditor and let them have access to the system online!

Thats a good idea too !! Thanks Rushab.

But to confirm on my point - there is no way by which manual export of specific sort of report which would work in Tally as an import?

As of right now, there is no out of the box way to do this. I don’t envision that this would be difficult to implement, but there would need to be community interest and funding.

Maybe create an issue in github to gauge interest and decide what to do from there.

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@trupti we have made something out of papa parse for quickbooks to erpnext but it can be used to parse anything. It would all be manual though but that works great for some people.

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Cool I will give it a try. Thanks for suggestion @woakes070048 .

Ok will do. Thanks @felix

@ trupti @ felix

This is 2017, the approach by @rmehta is the modern approach.

Give your Accountant remote access to your ERP. Downloading and uploading is …old school.:slight_smile:

Well I have created an issue for this one -

As mentioned in the issue itself - this same question was asked by almost all SMEs I contacted for ERPNext. I think asking CA to play an Auditor role is great idea but again this involves CAs taking efforts to learn a new way out of their comfort zone. Which might make the client not to consider this solution.

I am ready to put efforts for this but I need help in understanding the functionality behind it - as in - what report types and formats are supported by tally. etc.

Any takers?