Accounts Module Working Group

I believe I have fixed it.

Yes fixed thanks so much!

@FinForce, @tmatteson,

I just got kicked off this telegram group without any warning after having only joined today (this must be a world record). To my knowledge, my only transgression was trying to explain (with screenshots) how we’d implemented bank reconciliation functionality. Are there some rules of engagement I was unaware of? It would probably have been more civil to let me know of them before yanking me off the group. That behaviour seems anti-open source and quite intolerant. Could you please address this attitude here and in the group? I’m a paying Foundation member and even if I wasn’t, unless it’s a private group, I find this type of behaviour quite alarming.

Update: the action I complain of in this post seems to have been done in error and I’ve now rejoined the group


I just changed around some permissions (I added additional Administrators, which I didn’t realize needed to be done), it is entirely possible that I did it by accident. There is no transgression, this seems to be an accident or some kind of glitch (for which I am most likely responsible).

Also, it looks like I was just able to reach you in the group on telegram?


Can you try rejoining via this link? I just removed you intentionally but it would not let me add you back.


Sadly, couldn’t join with that link. See error below.

Please try again now?

Got back in. Thanks.

Tyler, Could you please add me to the group? Thanks.

Sure, just send myself or @FinForce a PM with your telegram handle.

Bumping here and finding a way a roadmap of features and enhancements can be drawn up for others to pick up from.