[Accounting Improvements] Proposal for Foundation Funds for Accounting Improvements

The Accounting module would like to present the Accounting team’s proposal for foundation funds for driving improvements.

  1. Improved Financial Reporting in ERPNext


  2. Import Bank Statement #2184

  3. Cost-Center/Dimensional Trial-Balance and Other Reports

  4. Exact Cost Valuation Method

@revant_one Kindly let me know if there is anything else we need to do.



We’ll select issues,
add or edit specifications, mock-ups and screens on the issues
and set a Foundation Bounty milestone with these issues for Jan 2018.

Any suggestions?

My personal order of preference is:

    1. Import Bank Statement #2184
    1. Cost-Center/Dimensional Trial-Balance and Other Reports
    1. Improved Financial Reporting in ERPNext
    1. Exact Cost Valuation Method

But honestly, all of these are worthy and seem like meaningful features to add. I have two contributions I’ve been working on that I’d like to add as well: a book-to-bank style bank reconciliation alongside the existing one and the non-depreciable asset additions. I need to re-read the contribution guidelines and probably get some help on this; @tundebabzy was great about dealing with my newness and general disorganization.


We need cost-center wise trial balance and other statements/reports for a full migration to ERPNext and are willing to contribute another $500 to this effort.

Can we get the extended community involved in raising some more $$ for this foundation-led improvement effort?

Good Candidates :

Accounting Numbering in COA should Determine the Account Position in the Financial Statement

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Bug should be solved on priority. Foundation or otherwise.

The issue is already assigned to @nabinhait

  1. Import Bank Statement
    pending since Sept 2014, has todo checklist.
    Good candidate with specifications and discussion

  2. Incomplete Mapping in Cashflow
    1 Comment, 1 Thumbs up, Feature Request, Mar 2017
    sample cashflow template shared. needs review and approval for cashflow template.

  3. [Feature-Request] Exact Cost Valuation Method
    0 Comments, 0 Thumbs Up, Dec 2016
    Issue described in detail points, This seems a major change. Any comments from @nabinhait

  4. Cost-Center (Dimensional) Trial Balance and Other Financial Reports
    0 Comment, 1 Thumbs Up, created 23 hours ago,
    Youtube video demo of Sage Intacct, if someone can interpret the video in context to ERPNext along with screens on the issue. It will be good candidate with clear specifications if there are screenshots. I think it will be difficult for developers to play back and forth through video many times.

Need more details :

  1. Improved Financial Reporting in ERPNext
    4 Thumbs up - no specific comments, 9 days ago
    I think this needs more discussion, specification, sample reports expected.

I have updated the Github Issue related to Trial Balance by Cost Center with some QuickBook screens which should help.

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Here’s the Bank Reconciliation improvements (well, I think they’re improvements but they don’t change anything for the folks doing it now, as-is. I’m looking for some help understanding why the SQL lookup is being weird.


@nabin @revant_one if you could give a pointer this could be helpful. Only tagging you guys because it’s part of the bank statement improvements.

@spoojary (sorry if I’m tagging the wrong person - github handle is sathishpy), are you working on #1? I’d like to help, please DM me so we can collaborate. If you’re close, I’ll move on to another one of these.

Yes, I have already submitted the pull request for (1). There are some fixes I have made in my local repository, which I will push by weekend. Btw, I have explained all the details in github issue, and it doesn’t cover updating clearance date. Perhaps that is not needed in this model as we are getting the transactions directly from the bank statement.

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Oh cool! Clearance data should be updated because it’s reliable information coming from an imported bank statement. Is this an enhancement I can help you with? I’ve been working on this recently with the manual bank reconciliation.

I really like your architecture, by the way. Excellent work.