Accidentally made all modules including setup excluding employee hidden. How to undo?

I wanted to have only the employee module shown to the users. So i select hide for all users. What i didn’t know what this also applied to the admin account.

Now, all modules are hidden for admin as well except for employee. Is there a way to unhide the modules without reinstall?

Do you really mean the Modules themselves are hidden, or are you referring to the desk icons?

I have never heard of the Modules being unavailable.

Type Setup into the little search bar at the top of the purple desk and select the “Open Setup” link from the list.

At the very top of the next screen you can select “User” under the Users heading. You will them be able to open any user and see if the Modules are still there by going the the heading “Module Access” a little more than half way down the page.

On the other hand…

If you are only unable to find the Desk Icons, then you can use the log is as administrator and also open up the User section. Select the Administrator user and then click on the grey button for “Set Desktop Icons”

If there are no icons on the list (or only a few) then the list has been globally altered. The way I fixed it was to click on the left most box at the top of the icon list and select “Everyone” then check the “Select All” box and click Save.

Not sure if that still works in version 10, but it helped me find all my lost icons in version 8.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for your reply. I believe it’s both icons and modules.
On selecting the “Open Setup” link from the taskbar, the below error is shown

However, by going to menu and clicking on “Set Desktop Icons” I was able to get back the icons.

Thanks once again for the help.