Access to cloud database

I understand that giving access to the cloud database is a no-no under any circumstances but consider these tasks:

  1. Both cloud and local ERPnext, kept in sync.
    Scenario: Internet connection drops, company uses local, internet gets fixed, diff. data from local go to cloud.

  2. Restore cloud database at any given time
    Given that cloud restore is performed only by your personnel, what happens if my company needs emergency cloud restore at 02:00 am on a Sunday morning?

  3. Empty database of all data but keep forms, customizations, certain settings, forms
    Several affiliate companies are interested in becoming ERPnext clients but use our customizations, settings and forms without losing time in reconfiguring everything from scratch.

What can we do about that? All the above can only be done if one has direct access to the cloud database.

Why don’t u install your own cloud server, so that all will be in sync?

You mean setup ERPnext on a VPS instead of the official cloud?

Great idea! Thanks!