About Hosting Erpnext Windows Server 2012

Hi ,I have Windows Server 2012 in my company can i put erpnext in windows server or if it is not possible give a solution to host in my company server only
With regards Aryan

Hi @Aryan,

ERPNext should be installed on a */nix platform, meaning you’ll have to install a Linux OS on your server instead of Windows.

You can checkout the bench github page for more details:


This should give you some direction if it has to be on the Windows Server

or this

i have windows server 2012 R2 not windows 10

i have customized erpnext in my laptop using vm now i need to install this software to my windows server can u please give me some steps

Hi @Aryan,

If you really want to install it on your Windows server, I guess you’ll need virtualbox or something similar to emulate a Linux system.

The best is maybe to use the official virtualbox installation: https://erpnext.com/download

But I would not recommend it for a production system…

For Linux install, you can follow the steps described on the bench github page: https://github.com/frappe/bench

hi , i have done my customization by using vm in my laptop as https://github.com/frappe/bench downloaded ,now how to put it into my windows server,
can i get some idea how to use this customized erpnext in my laptop into my server.

Regards Aryan

Assuming you are using VirtualBox, please refer to this article: 1.14. Importing and exporting virtual machines