A Good AMD config for erpnext local server

Looking at VM cloud costs (8GB RAM at $40/month), I am exploring local server pc option. What would be a good config under $350 including case and smps? Any suggestions?

I am currently exploring Ryzen options (as AMD more VFM than intel), and also want it fanless and small form factor.

Almost any i5+ PC with 8GB+ RAM is sufficient to get started. It will depend on the number of users.
I have set up a 50 user system on a RaspberryPI4 (8GB model) which stores data to a USB SSD disk.

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Raspberry Pi? I saw people attempting erpnext in ARM system, but that was mostly trial and error. Now we have official support for this?

Android TV boxes costs much less if at all we can run erpnext there (not as mobile app, but desktop app as we have bigger screen) but RPi is still great.

And 8GB RAM? That’s still needed irrespective of no of users? How about 4 GB RAM? I may have 50 to 100 users only at least for an year.

The 8GB rpi4 is very cheap - 4GB is adequate, but the cost is so low it’s better to buy the 8GB

Go with contabo.com Only €5)/m
It have amd epyc server cpu on their ssd line of offering.

It is possible but don’t expect the accounting reports like p&n and others to load quickly.
With 50-100 concurrent users you better go with top of the line server cpu else everyone will keep waiting with a white overlay on their screen waiting for the other background task to finish.

Yes you will need atleast) 8gb ram for these many users while atleast 8core process with the right configuration

I can only recommend using rpi4 or any other sbc for around 5-10 users only

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