[7.0.63]Time field slider is resetting my set time

Hi guys,

I have some bug with my time field in table.It reset to 00:00:00 every time i reopen the apps to edit the time that have been set before. It only happen to time start with single digit.

Although the time in field is showing the correct value, my validation script is fail because the time slider is resetting to 00:00:00.

But when time start with double digit it works fine.

Kindly help explain the reason of this . Thank You.

I have the same problem… have you found any explanations?

No…not found any solution yet.

As for explanations, the problem occur when we set an am time.

eg : 09:00:00 >> when re open ,the time field slider is reset to 00:00:00 thus failing my time validation that has been set there.

For Time in Pm, no such issue.

Anyone had the same problem and manage to fix it?..

Hi, thanks for your answer. I’ve created new topic [7.2-beta] Please help wih Time field and as you can see received answer

Great, thanks for pointing…i will follow up your thread…:+1: