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[10.0.5] Unable to login



I am having multi-tenant setup and its erpnext and frappe version are 10.0.5 and 10.0.6 respectively.

From this i am facing an issue for only one particular site i.e I am not able to login through any of the users…when i enter username and password its show only verifying and doesn’t proceed further (It is not showing any trace-back). But if i do the same with Administrator i am able to logged in.

I am not getting any clue…Please somebody suggest me for the solution.


Please access Chrome Developer Tools and use network tools during login where the login request go to. I think there is some problems in here



I did but still its not working…Any other way…?


try recreating the users!! that helped me.


@Not_a_countant I tried creating new user but still its not working at all…


One more thing i tried is that I have done “Forget password” and i have updated the password then i was able to login but then when i tried using Username and password its just showing verfiying…!!!

I am not getting any clue…!!!

Help me out…!!!


@Onkar_Mirajkar How did you solve this problem.In my case the administrator is also affected.He cannot log in.Just rolling with a message “Verifying…”
All friend,please help


I didn’t get any proper solution for it but i restored the backup of same version and it started working.