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ERPNext   Feature Requests

Printing Gantt Chart from Project (6)
Using open source power calDav cardDav etc (9)
Asterisk VoIP CRM Integration (11)
Demand Driven MRP - Revolutionary approach to planning (13)
DATA synchronisation (8)
Print format setting: Repeat only footer (4)
Maintenance module inside Support module (1)
ZUGFeRD and ERPNext (1)
Invoice image / PDF (8)
Inventory Management like CMDB (5)
V11 Save default reports columns (2)
Convert from QuickBooks Enterprise 2016 desktop multicurrency to ERPNext (1)
Prepaid subscription invoices (3)
Feature Proposal: comment a record - link (1)
Calendar view on website (1)
Leader board date range (1)
Single sign-on (SSO) Wordpress (1)
[FR] Export options (2)
[feature request] more options in share (10)
In ERPNext I am not able to sales return after purchase item (3)
Picking List Management in Stock module (13)
Calendar Event Notification Suggestion (1)
Sample data for and own deployments (3)
Payroll Employer Contribution ( 2 ) (30)
Close status: closing To Bill and To Deliver (or To Receive) separately (4)
Email import to ERPNext with Dropboxes (8)
Button to remove search filter in list (5)
Dashboard to be viewable durring Sales Order Creation (1)
Aggregation of activities from contacts to companies (2)
Hospital Intigartion PACS and laboratory (1)