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ERPNext   Feature Requests

Internal supplier/customer multi-currency issues for Intercompany Invoices (1)
Auto Run Custom Script Button in Internal (6)
Restrict party to payable/receivable account (2)
Different commission rates based on Item Group (2)
Making Student Fees System Usable (2)
Page auto-scroll 'bouncing around' (17)
Shipping Label Print (4)
Allow Project In Entry of Balance Sheet Account’ (3)
[PROPOSAL] : Apply global tax calculation on each individual item in ERPNext (2)
Sales Invoice Editable numbering - Custom Field is immune to future updates? (1)
Which plans does the community / Frappe have to integrate Frappe charts natively and intuitively into ERPNext? (4)
Transit Stock Suggestion (10)
Stock in Transit (1)
Propose to enhance the reporting and query features:Drill down, Layout, Saved filter, Query Builder (5)
View Accounts Receivable/Payable in different currency (3)
Automatic Warehouse selection for sales order (1)
Convert Multiple Sales Orders into Delivery Notes (2)
Contact Types for Customers (1)
Can we get Item variants order qnty entered in a attribute grid? (2)
Generic Editor/DataType for Selecting Multiple Rows from another DocType (2)
Google Docs like module for ERPNext (10)
Printing Gantt Chart from Project (6)
Using open source power calDav cardDav etc (9)
Asterisk VoIP CRM Integration (11)
Demand Driven MRP - Revolutionary approach to planning (13)
DATA synchronisation (8)
Print format setting: Repeat only footer (4)
Maintenance module inside Support module (1)
ZUGFeRD and ERPNext (1)
Invoice image / PDF (8)