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About the Feature Requests category (1)
Adding Default Accounts by Branch level instead of Company level (1)
BCC/Copy of every e-mail sent by ERPNext (1)
Apply coupon code and Track Affiliate while shopping (6)
Cezerin2 Online Shop (5)
POS multiple receipts (12)
Dividir un campo en un Doctype (1)
Missive Integration (1)
ERPNext for process manufacturing (7)
Table MultiSelect feature (sponsored by Seibert Media) (2)
Item Vacant List for "X" Territory (1)
Drop Shipping + Available Stock (9)
Integrate Captcha for Signup, Contact Us etc (3)
Rule based Sales Partner commission calculation (6)
GeoLocation - Capture client location and put into Doctype Field (4)
Lead - Change text for New Contact field (contact_list.html) (1)
How to add a new list to another doctype from current doctype's js file (1)
Available quantities for work order from sales order (1)
Hospital Integration PACS and laboratory (2)
Project: hours overview in v11 (1)
Batch number and serial numbers to be assigned in Production Order (1)
ToDo: possible to "tick that box"? (5)
Inventory Management like CMDB (15)
Blocking CSS in Emails (1)
Social Media Posting using Frappe (5)
Badges/Level system for users (6)
[New feature] notification for desktop using chat (1)
Quality control on production (3)
ERPNext Login with Finger Print Scanner or Face Detection (1)
Data Import - Assign Project (1)