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ERPNext   Feature Requests

About the Feature Requests category (1)
POS Customer by Mobile number (2)
Using open source power calDav cardDav etc (10)
[Enhancement Proposal] Complete POS redesign with full size browser DB ( 2 3 ) (52)
Bank Transactions - Import from OFX (2)
SMS Notification Doctype (1)
Apply coupon code and Track Affiliate while shopping (9)
SharePoint Integration (3)
[] Billing Related Issue (5)
Lead Source Management (1)
Project template enhancements (1)
BOM cost update (6)
Migration from salesforce to erpnext (4)
Customer Login Features and can request item or material (4)
Credit Limit of Customer per Company (2)
ZUGFeRD and ERPNext (15)
Capturing imei or serial numbers (8)
Table MultiSelect feature (sponsored by Seibert Media) (8)
Sales Person Activities Tracking (1)
Dual Unit of Measure is needed! (6)
Purchase and Sales Tax Based on formula (2)
Securing REST API calls? (3)
Inventory Management like CMDB (20)
Rule based Sales Partner commission calculation (7)
Automatic Template needs updating (1)
Making Student Fees System Usable (3)
Attachment save to amazon s3, azure blob etc (16)
Pagination in Child Table (8)
Legal section for Documents (1)
Adding Default Accounts by Branch level instead of Company level (4)