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About the Feature Requests category (1)
Button to remove search filter in list (5)
Dashboard to be viewable durring Sales Order Creation (1)
Email import to ERPNext with Dropboxes (3)
Aggregation of activities from contacts to companies (2)
Hospital Intigartion PACS and laboratory (1)
Customized Desk Icons (6)
Payment Terms to support 'Discounts' and 'Charges' (1)
When making pos inv or invoice it must group the products (1)
Issue: Stock taxation by date/ history (1)
Repair Management System (5)
Rule based Sales Partner commission calculation (1)
[Feature Request] Doctype Rating (2)
Set Precision at 0(zero) for amount collumn (14)
Feature Request: Ability to restrict the purchase of items to only suppliers approved for each item (7)
Feature Request: Ui limit Child tables shown records (4)
POS Day close missing (6)
Pricelist based on item nos per supplier (3)
Transit Stock Suggestion (9)
Would be nice to bring back Progress Bars for doctype state along with wizards (1)
Update setup script to install Documentation and Help Pages (1)
Feature Request ( Auto crop Images ) (2)
Demand Driven MRP - Revolutionary approach to planning (12)
Page auto-scroll 'bouncing around' (16)
POS multiple receipts (11)
Sort Child Tables (4)
Suggest the employee has a SEPARATION link (2)
Payroll Employer Contribution ( 2 ) (29)
Rounding on amount but still need precision on rate (1)
Item related Keywords (1)