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HRMS Feature Requests Hospitality Welcome to the ERPNext Hospitality forum. The Hospitality Module in ERPNext has features like restaurants, reservations, hotel rooms, and more. Non Profit Welcome to the ERPNext Non Profit forum. The Non Profit Module in ERPNext has features like member, volunteer, grants, donor, and more. To see an overview of NPO features, visit this page. Permissions Quality Management Welcome to the ERPNext Quality Management forum. The Quality Management Module in ERPNext has features like Quality Goal, Quality Procedure, Quality Action, Quality Meeting and more. Selling/CRM Customize ERPNext Welcome to the ERPNext Customize forum. The Customize Module in ERPNext has features to customize various parts of ERPNext like adding custom fields, forms, scripts, workflows, and more. Manufacturing Healthcare Welcome to the ERPNext Healthcare forum. The Healthcare Module in ERPNext has features to manage appointments, patients, medical records, practitioners, and more. Agriculture Welcome to the ERPNext Agriculture forum. The Agriculture Module in ERPNext has features to manage your crops, land, soil, diseases, and much more. To see an overview of the features, visit this page. User Forum Buying Stock/Inventory For discussion about the stock module in ERPNext. This includes discussion about any DocTypes contained in stock, errors, areas for improvement, etc. Reports Project Management Welcome to the ERPNext Proejcts forum. The Projects Module in ERPNext has features to manage projects, tasks, timesheets, costing, and much more. Support Welcome to the ERPNext Support forum. The Support Module in ERPNext has features like Issue, Service Level Agreement, Maintenance Visit, Maintenance Schedule, and more. In this category, you can post questions, discuss, and help other community members with Support related questions that pertain to ERPNext. Education Asset Management Welcome to the ERPNext Asset Management forum. The Asset Module in ERPNext has features to manage assets, depreciation, and buying, selling assets. Accounting Questions regarding accounting
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