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About the Bug category (1)
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Missing column after v10->v11 update and no error (2)
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Additional Salary is completely broken (3)
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Update BOM Cost Not Working (1)
Web Views not updating data based on query string (2)
Data Import problem (14)
Cannot view, add or edit anything after erpnext update (7)
Making Variants from Template on v10.1.72 - You do not have enough permissions to access this resource (1)
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ValidationError: Due / Reference Date cannot be after X (4)
General Balance Bug (4)
While creating new-site (MySQL username too long error has occured) (5)
[BUG] Uncaught ReferenceError: regeneratorRuntime is not defined (1)
PDF formatting issue in E-Mails (8)
Cannot send emails with attachments (1)
Frequently getting error in erpnext. Not able to see the errors in the logs (6)